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Allies Training

For the next Allies Training Session, please contact Karen Click at 8-4796 or

What to Expect at an Allies Training

  • You will meet other SMU faculty, staff and students who are striving to create an empowering environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community on campus.
  • You will learn about the history and purpose of the SMU Allies program.
  • You will discuss common myths and assumptions about lgbt individuals and learn how these societal views of the lgbt population impact identity development, the coming out process, and same-sex relationships.
  • You will receive information regarding campus and community resources supporting the lgbt community - including Spectrum, the chartered lgbt affirming student organization.
  • You will engage in an experiential exercise that will help sensitize you to some of the losses that lgbt might face when considering coming out.
  • Hopefully, your desire to be an advocate for SMU’s lgbt community will be ignited and you will resolve to work towards obtaining basic human rights for all people.