Student Conduct & Community Standards

Because here, high standards are the norm.

At SMU, we're dedicated to community, scholarship and civility. That's why we carefully crafted our Student Code of Conduct and Honor Code. We help students like you understand the importance of ethical behavior and good decision making within the SMU community and beyond.

While we understand students make mistakes, we actively assist them in bringing their actions into compliance with the University's expectations.

For Students

As the heart of the SMU community, students are expected to uphold and follow the conduct standards as presented in the Student Code of Conduct.

For Faculty

Policies, procedures and forms for managing student conduct and concern in the classroom.

For Families

Understanding how to support your Mustang and how to navigate FERPA Policy.

Connect With Us

Questions regarding the conduct review process at SMU should be directed to the Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards, 214-768-4563, or send an e-mail to

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