The following is from the February 2, 2012, edition of Bloomberg Businessweek. SMU Psychology Professor George Holden provided expertise for this story.

End of Days: Like Parent, Like Child


February 3, 2012

By Tim Murphy

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently incurred the wrath of the city’s ­teachers’ union when he lengthened the elementary school day, starting next year, to seven and a half hours from less than six.

One can only imagine that when those kids finally bust free, they’ll be 90 minutes crazier than schoolkids are everywhere on weekdays come 3 p.m.-ish. And that ­final-bell ­madness can extend to parents and nannies picking them up.

“It’s a ­challenging time of day ­because ­everyone is tired and people want to get home, but often children have stories to tell about what happened that day,” says George W. Holden, a ­psychology professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and author of Parenting: A ­Dynamic Perspective.

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