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Economic snapshot: Growth at home and abroad


The following ran in the July 22, 2012, edition of the Dallas Morning News. Economist Bernard Weinstein provided expertise for this story.

July 31, 2012

These days, you can't talk about the U.S. economy without China and Europe being mentioned. Economists say Europe'seconomic woes, slowing growth in Asia and uncertainty about the upcoming U.S. presidential election are dampening U.S.economic growth. U.S. companies are cautious about expanding, investing and hiring. Independent of global headwinds, theUnited States faces growing questions about the fate of its economy — notably slowing manufacturing and reduced consumer spending. Texas is a large contributor to the U.S. economy, in terms of employment, energy and construction....

“As the nation goes, so go Texas and D-FW. However, in all but three of the last 35 years, the rates of population, income and job growth in Texas and the Metroplex have exceeded the nation's. A growing energy sector and a younger population helps explain why Texas' economic performance is stronger than other large states." Bernard “Bud” Weinstein, economist, Southern Methodist University