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B.F.A. in Theatre - Acting Specialization

The B.F.A. degree in theatre with a specialization in acting is a unique program of specialized acting study within a liberal arts context. Enriched by the intellectual growth engendered by both their liberal arts and theatre courses, acting students engage in an intense investigation of acting at the highest level.

The purpose of the program is two-fold: to prepare students for entrance into the profession, and/or admission to a top-flight, graduate training program. Upon completion of two years of foundational actor training, students in the acting major receive advanced training in the areas of acting, stage movement and stage voice.

In their senior year, students take part in professional workshops with agents and casting directors who are flown to Dallas from from New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. In addition, actors create an Online Showcase to help launch their careers.

Requirements for the Degree Credit Hours
UC/GEC Requirements varies

Division of Theatre:


Community Experience: MSA 1001 or 1101 FACE: First-year Community Experience


Free Electives (hours vary as needed to meet University residency and degree requirements)


*GEC students are required to complete a minimum of 123 term credit hours, and are exempt from three hours of Perspectives and an additional three hours of either Perspectives or Cultural Formations courses.

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B.F.A. in Theatre - Acting Specialization

BFA Actor Showcase 2013

B.F.A. in Theatre - Theatre Studies Specialization

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Minor in the History of Visual and Performing Arts

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