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B.F.A. in Dance Performance

The Division of Dance offers professional dance training within the context of a comprehensive liberal arts education. The goal is to develop the disciplined, versatile dance artist through a balanced study of ballet, modern dance and jazz dance techniques, complemented and reinforced by a broad range of theoretical studies and performance opportunities. The program provides an atmosphere in which students are nurtured and stimulated in their quest for artistic achievement, technical mastery and scholarly excellence. Undergraduate majors study dance as a performing art with the intent to become practicing artists. The core of the dance curriculum is designed with this goal in mind. The combination of performance and liberal arts education courses serves to develop the articulate dancer.

All dance majors have opportunities to perform and choreograph as an integral part of their performance studies. The Dance Performance Series includes main stage concerts in the Bob Hope Theatre, concerts in the Sharp Studio and noontime Brown Bag performances in the Owen Arts Center lobby. Other opportunities include special events, outreach programs and interdisciplinary projects within and beyond the Meadows community. Dance majors are required to participate in Dance Performance Series events as partial fulfillment of the degree program.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance performance is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance. Successful completion of this program will enhance the student’s personal growth as well as technical development in ballet, modern dance and jazz dance. The degree requires 73 credit hours in dance, of which a minimum of 38 are in studio training. The remaining 35 credit hours provide students with the opportunity to develop scholarly and creative abilities in dance and related areas of interest.

Students whose hours in the General Education Curriculum, the major requirements and the major’s supporting course requirements exceed a total of 122 will be exempt from three hours of Perspectives and an additional three hours of either Perspectives or Cultural Formations. 

Requirements for the Degree Credit Hours
UC/GEC Requirements varies
Performance Technique (selected from the following; to be taken during the first 2-3 years of study):
  • Ballet Courses (12 hours)
  • Modern Dance Courses (12 hours)
  • Jazz Dance Courses (8 hours)


Advanced Performance Technique
Must be at the 3000-4000 level of proficiency in at least one major area of performance technique


Ensemble Performance:

  • DANC 1080 Ensemble Performance I
  • DANC 2080 Ensemble Performance II
  • DANC 3080 Ensemble Performance III
  • DANC 4080 Ensemble Performance IV


  • DANC 2241 Dance Composition I
  • DANC 2242 Dance Composition II
  • DANC 3243 Dance Composition III
  • DANC 3244 Dance Composition IV

Theoretical and Applied Studies:

  • DANC 1151 Dance Production I
  • DANC 1152 Dance Production II
  • DANC 1244 The Dancer's Toolbox
  • DANC 1326 Foundations of Music: History and Theory
  • DANC 2160 Introduction to Pilates
  • DANC 2361 Dance Theory and Practice with an Emphasis on Laban Movement Studies
  • DANC 4363 Kinesiology for Dance
  • DANC 4373 Dance History I: Ballet
  • DANC 4374 Dance History II: Modernism

Dance Electives (hours needed depends on capston choice)

Selected from advanced performance technique, theoretical and applied studies, directed sturdies, or other elective courses taken within the Meadows School.


Dance Capstone:

  • DANC 4090 Directed Studies
  • DANC 4190 Directed Studies
  • DANC 4290 Directed Studies OR
  • DANC 4390 Directed Studies

Community Experience:

  • MSA 1001/1101 FACE: First-year Arts Community Experience

Free Electives (hours vary as needed to meet University residency and degree requirements)


*GEC students are required to complete a minimum of 123 term credit hours and are exempt from 3 hours of Perspectives and an additional 3 hours of either Perspectives or Cultural Formations courses.

* Dance performance majors are required to take DANC2160, which satisfies both a major requirement and the Wellness II requirement of the General Education Curriculum. Only one hour, however, is awarded for the course.


The faculty expects dance majors to apply themselves scholastically and to assume responsibilities conscientiously. Students are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.7 in dance courses to continue in the dance major. Grades lower than C are not acceptable in any required dance course and will necessitate a repeat enrollment. If requirements are not met, the student is placed on academic probation. To be eligible for scholarship, students are required to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 in dance courses and be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours in dance. Full participation in the program and in division performances is expected of every student who receives a merit scholarship award. Performance studies and production activities take precedence over dance work outside of the division.


High standards of discipline and execution are essential for artistic growth, progress and success. Regular class attendance, attendance at auditions, classroom and theatre etiquette, punctuality and attendance at student meetings are essential. Students meet with individual faculty at midterm for a progress report and to establish individual goals. At the close of each term, each student receives a performance evaluation by the collective faculty. Various aspects of a student’s work are examined, including technical progress, capacity for and commitment to class work, personal growth and maturity, attitude, academic performance, production support, program participation, performance artistry, and weight control. When standards are not met, a student is advised that significant improvement must take place to remain in the program. Poor critiques may result in immediate dismissal from the dance major program, and/or loss of dance scholarship funding. All dance scholarships are reviewed annually. Further details on standards and requirements for the dance major are included in the Division of Dance Student Handbook. 

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