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M.A./M.B.A. Curriculum

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Two-thirds of the 75-hour M.A./M.B.A. curriculum is devoted to advanced courses in accounting, marketing, finance, economics, statistics, communication, organizational behavior and information technology.

Students will investigate contemporary business practices, entrepreneurship and the global business environment, with an emphasis on strategy, analysis and operations management.

The remaining one-third of the curriculum includes arts administration seminars with a strict limitation on class size. These seminars focus on fundraising, nonprofit finance, marketing the arts, legal issues affecting the arts, philanthropy, strategic planning and cultural policy.

Students spend their second fall semesters taking coursework at Bocconi University in Milan, which offers Europe's leading arts and cultural management program. Students also gain real-world experience in arts management through internships with Dallas professional arts organizations, as well as full-time internships with national or international organizations of their choice.

Merit scholarships are available on a competitive basis.

Curriculum by Term

75 Total Credit Hours: 48 Business plus 27 Arts Management

Year One - Fall Term

Module A Courses Cox Hours Arts Hours Credit Hours
AMAE 6223 Fundraising in the Arts   2 2
ACCT 6201 Financial Accounting I 2   2
FINA 6201 Managerial Finance 2   2
MAST 6201 Managerial Statistics 2   2
MKTG 6201 Marketing Management 2   2
MNGT 6101 Managing Your Career 1   1
Module B Courses      
AMAE 6224 Advanced Fundraising Strategy   2 2
ACCT 2nd required accounting course+ 2   2
BUSE 6202 Managerial Economics 2   2
ITOM 6202 Management Decision Analysis 2   2
MNGT 6103 Business Presentation Techniques 1   1
Term Total 16 4 20

Year One - Spring Term

  Cox Hours Arts Hours Credit Hours
AMAE 6051 Practica (10 hours a week)     0
Module A Courses      
AMAE 6205 Nonprofit Financial Management   2 2
ITOM 6203 Operations Management 2   2
MNO 6201 Organizational Behavior 2   2
MKTG 6233 Nonprofit Marketing Strategy 2   2
Module B Courses      
AMAE 6222 Audience Development & Marketing in the Arts   2 2
MNGT 6210 Global Leadership Program 2   2
STRA 6201 Strategic Management 2   2
MNGT 6020 First Year Foundations     0
Module A and B Courses in Cox Business      
Business Electives - two courses 4   4
Term Total 14 4 18

Year One - Summer Term in Meadows Arts

  Cox Hours Arts Hours Credit Hours
AMAE 6304 Arts Administration Internship   3 3
Term Total   3 3

Year Two - Fall Term (International Study at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy)

  Cox Hours Arts Hours Credit Hours
Term Courses in Arts Management      
Arts Management Electives - 4 courses   12 12
Business Electives - two courses (would not count toward concentration without prior approval) 4   4
Term Total 4 12 16

Year Two - Spring Term

  Cox Hours Arts Hours Credit Hours
Term Courses      
AMAE 6054 Practica (10 hours per week)     0
Module A Courses      
AMAE 6215 Independent Study: In-depth Industry Exploration
AMAE 6221 and AMAE 6225
  2 2
Module B Courses      
AMAE 6202 Strategic Planning in the Arts   2 2
Module A and B Courses in Cox Business      
Business Electives - seven courses 14   14
Term Total 14 4 18

Credit Hours Summary for M.A./Full-Time M.B.A. Class 2013

24 credit hours of required Cox courses
24 credit hours of elective Cox courses
48 credit hours total from Cox toward M.A./M.B.A. Degree

Credit Hours Summary By School

Year Meadows Arts Cox Business
One 11 30
Two 16 18
Total 27 48

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