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B.A. in Advertising - Creative Program

Professional critique

Every year, industry professionals visit TAI Creative program students and provide a critique of the student work. View a gallery of images from the Fall 2012 critique.

The Temerlin Advertising Institute’s creative program prepares students for careers in art direction or copywriting. Admission to the program is selective and based upon a faculty panel’s evaluation of an application used to assess a student’s creative ability and potential. This screening process improves the quality of the experience each student receives in creative courses and helps ensure that the quality of work produced by students is of the highest caliber and competitive by industry standards.

Creative program applications are collected at the end of every fall, spring and summer term. Most students’ first opportunity to apply is near the end of their ADV 3385 course. Any student not admitted to the creative program on a first attempt may reapply during a subsequent application process.

Creative Program Application

The application requires students to submit two samples of creative work as evidence of their capabilities: one that demonstrates facility to solve a specific problem and another that permits a longitudinal examination of creative thinking ability:

Part I: The Big Question — Each term, members of the creative program faculty will confer and propose a question that applicants are challenged to answer. The question is open to broad interpretation and responses may be crafted using words, images or a combination of both. Applicants must observe submission guidelines but are otherwise free to propose the most unique, intelligent and imaginative answers possible.

Part II: Idea Blog — Over the course of a term, all ADV 3385 students are required to maintain and submit a blog documenting their ideas and insights on a variety of topics, both assigned and voluntary. The blog conforms to certain parameters as a 444 Meadows School of the Arts class assignment, but is designed to offer students the opportunity to document and showcase their identities as independent thinkers.

Student Progress

Students admitted to the creative program are required to produce work that meets artistic standards in order to continue taking courses in the program, consistent with Meadows School of the Arts policy. This evaluation is made by the creative program faculty, who regularly consult with industry professionals for each creative program student. Students who fail to meet artistic standards will discontinue coursework in the creative program and have the option to continue pursuing their general advertising degree.

Requirements for the Degree Credit Hours
UC/GEC Requirements varies
Required Advertising Courses:
  • ADV 2374 Survey of Advertising
  • ADV 2375 Advertising Ethics
  • ADV 3362 Marketing Principles of Advertising or MKTG 3340 
  • ADV 3376 Advertising Media
  • ADV 3385 Introduction to Creativity
  • ADV 3390 Creative Production
  • ADV 3393 Advertising Research
  • ADV 3395 Concepting
  • ADV 4385 Portfolio
  • ADV 4399 Advertising Campaigns
Communication/Meadows (Advertising Creative)
  • ADV 4354 Copywriting Studio
  • Or ADV 4355 Art Direction Studio
  • ADV 4395 Advanced Portfolio
  • Other communication/Meadows electives*
Second Language (two terms of the same language) 8
Statistics (STAT 1301, 2301, or 2331) 3
Second Major or Minor Choice (hours vary according to choice)  
Free Electives (hours vary as needed to meet University residency and degree requirements)  

*Communication electives include any advertising, communication studies, film and media arts, or journalism course. Meadows electives include any art, art history, dance, music, or theatre course. For a list of suggested Meadows electives, students should consult the TAI Student Handbook. Creative program students are strongly encouraged to take ADV 4354 or 4355 and ADV 4395 to satisfy the communication elective (three credits) and Meadows elective (three credits). A student who fails to meet the creative program’s artistic standards (or discontinues work in the creative program for any reason) prior to taking these courses should select from other communication or Meadows electives as needed to complete the general advertising degree requirements.

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