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16th Century

Holahan, Moss, Rosendale

17th Century

Moss, Rosendale, Sudan

18th Century

CassedyGreenspan, Sudan

19th Century

Dickson-Carr, Foster, Sae-Saue, Greenspan, Murfin, Newman, Satz, Spiegelman, Sudan, Weisenburger

20th Century

Ards, Bozorth, Dickson-Carr, Foster, Sae-Saue, Greenspan, Siraganian, Spiegelman, Weisenburger


Ards, CassedyDickson-Carr, Foster, Sae-Saue, Greenspan, Schwartz, Spiegelman, Spiegelman, Weisenburger


BozorthHolahan, Moss, Murfin, Newman, Rosendale, Satz, Spiegelman, Sudan, Wheeler

Creative Writing

HaynesBrownderville, Diaconoff

Ethnic Literatures

Ards, Dickson-Carr, Sae-Saue, Greenspan, Satz, Weisenburger

Gay/Lesbian Literature; Queer Studies

Bozorth, Satz

Literary/Critical Theory

Foster, Murfin, Neel, Sae-Saue, Schwartz, Weisenburger, Wheeler



Postcolonial Lit/Theory

Sae-Saue, Sudan, Wheeler

Religion and Literature

Murfin, Neel, Rosendale, Wheeler


Crusius, Neel

Women's Literature; Feminist Lit/Theory

Newman, Satz, Wheeler