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Name Entry Year Interests and Publications

  Carson Davis (BA) Birmingham-Southern College
2011 Medieval and Early Modern literature, with particular interest in drama and performance theory. Secondary interests include reading practices and interpretation, as well as plague literature.

Kelly Evans
2013 Medieval literature, with particular interest in recipes and representations of food and feasting. Secondary interests include translation theory, reception theory, and transmission studies.

Andrew Forrester (BA) Texas A and M
2012 19th-century British fiction from Austen to James, with particular interest in the politics of social gatherings. Secondary interests include pop culture, cultural studies, and children's literature.

Andrew also serves as the president of the Graduate Student Assembly and sits on the Graduate Council.

Chris Goldsmith
(BA) Austin College
(214) 768-4623
2009 Filth, politics, and the state of nature in 18th century Britain (with detours into both France and the 19th century).

Summer Hamilton
(BS) Christian Brothers U

2010 19th and 20th century African American literature with a particular interest in the narrative of housing
Currently:English Department,Hockaday School, Dallas, TX

Katherine Harclerode
2014 The intersection between beauty and atrocity inelectronic literaturesand thedigital humanities; avant garde poetics and the post-modern novel.

Kathleen Hines
2014 Early modern literature, with a focus on the intersections of plague with homiletic language ofearly modern England, classical and medieval Europe, and contemporary trauma theory. Other interests include Southern literature, with an emphasis on 19th and 20th century female writers.

Anna Hinton
2012 20th-century African American fiction and culture, particularly the intersections of race, gender and disability.

Kelsey Kiser
2013 19th and 20th century American literature, African-American literature, and social justice.

Shien Hauh Leu

Andrea Luttrell (MFA) NYU
(BA) Barnard College
(214) 768-4362
2007 Contemporary American Literature, Literature of the Southwest, Feminist Literary Criticism, and Creative Writing.
Currently: Chair of English, Trinity Valley School, Fort Worth, Texas

Erica Massey

Amanda McAvoy
Chelsea McKelvey (MA) King's College London
(BA) University of Georgia
2012 16th and 17th century British literature with particular interests in religious texts and book history.
"The 'Glorie, Might, and Maiestie' of Early Modern Sermons" inLiterature and Theology 28.1 (2014)
Co-editor of online short fiction and poetry journal, S/WORD.
Website: http://chelseamckelvey.com

Seth McKelvey

2012 20th-century American literature; postmodernism, contemporary poetry; anarchism; economics.
"But one kind' of Life: Thoreau's Subjective Theory of Value in Walden,"Nineteenth-Century Literature70.4 (2016)
Co-editor, S/WORD.

Katelyn McWilliams

Anna Nelson
(MA) Louisiana State
(BA) U of Texas, Dallas
2011 Nineteenth-century African American lit and nineteenth-century southern literature.

Kevin Pickard

Liz Duke

Megan Schott
(BA) Texas A&M U
2008 Medieval Literature and Autobiography Studies.

Currently: Ursuline Academy, Dallas, TX

Andrew Spencer
Christopher Stampone

2011 Medieval romance and English and American romanticism.Notes. William Wells Brown: Clotel and Other Writings. Ed. Ezra Greenspan. New York: Library of America, 2014.

"There is no bucking against the railroad": The Arthurian World of Frank Norris's The Octopus; Studies in American Naturalism 9 (2014): 26-51.

"spirit of mistaken benevolence": Civilizing the Savage in Charles Brockden Brown's Edgar Huntly; Early American Literature (forthcoming 2015).

"Cultural Documents"; Frankenstein. By Mary Shelley. Ed. Johanna M. Smith. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin, forthcoming 2015.

"Choreographing Fin'amor: Dance and the Game of Love in Geoffrey Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde. The Chaucer Review (forthcoming 2015/16).

"'Heroic bravery in more than one battle': The Creation of Heroes in William Wells Brown's Multi-Edition Clotel." African American Review (forthcoming 2016/2017)

'The One Voice in Shelley's Alastor. The Explicator (forthcoming fall 2015/spring 2016).

"Transatlantic Repurposing: The Castle of Otranto and the Construction of Puritan Allegory in The House of the Seven Gables."; The Nathaniel Hawthorne Review (forthcoming fall 2015)

Meghan Wadle
(BA) U of Dallas
2010 American literature of the Early Republic, Social Contract Theory and the American Literary Imagination.

Completed Ph.D.s and Placement

Michael Anderson
Ph.D., May 2012
2007 Medieval and Arthurian literature.

Currently: Strayer University, Washington DC

Kristina Booker Ph.D., May 2014(MA) U of OK, Norman(BA) OK Christian U
2009 Eighteenth- and nineteenth- century British novels and economic theory. Her dissertation traces how literary authors use fictional servants to represent and process shifting social and economic values. An essay onPamelaandRoxanais forthcoming inJournal for Early Modern Cultural Studies.

Currently: Assistant Professor of English, St. Gregory's University, Oklahoma

2010 19th and early 20th century British novels, material culture, and domestic spaces.

Katharine Boswell
Ph.D., August 2016(BA) Baylor

Jennifer Boulanger
Ph.D., August 2013
(BA) Baylor
2007 Medieval Studies, Arthurian Literature, and Feminist Theory and Criticism.

Currently: English Department,Hockaday School, Dallas, TX

Austin Johnson
Ph.D., August 2013
(BA) Ouachita Baptist U
2007 Early modern literature and its interactions with Reformation theology and politics.

Currently: Trinity Valley School, Fort Worth

Carrie Johnston

(PhD) August 2014
(MA) Florida Atlantic U
(BA) Tulane U
(214) 768-1030

2008 Digital Humanities; 19th- and 20th-Century American Literature; Literature of the American Southwest; Travel Narratives; Book History and Material Culture; American Periodical Culture.

2015-2016: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Bucknell U., PA

Currently: Digital Humanities Research Designer, Wake Forest University

Lauren Miskin

Lauren Miskin
Ph.D., May 2016

2011 "The Victorian 'Cameo Craze': Cameos, Femininity, and the Fashioning of Britain's Imperial Identity." Forthcoming in Victorian Review.

"Jezebel's Monopoly of the Rouge Pot": Cosmetics, anti-Semitism, and Xenophobia in Victorian Print Culture. Forthcoming in Victorians Institute Journal.

"'True Indian Muslin' and the Politics of Consumption in Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey," Journal of Early Modern Cultural Studies 15.2 (Spring 2015) 5-26.

Currently: Hughes Post-Doctoral Fellow, SMU
Kari Nixon Ph.D., May 2015
(BA) U of St. Thomas
(214) 768-3248
2009 Infectious Diseases and Contamination in Late-Nineteenth Century British, American and Scandinavian Fiction.
2015-16: Hughes Post-Doctoral Fellow, SMU

Currently: Adjunct Lecturer, Discourse and Discernment, SMU

2017: Assistant Professor, Whitworth Univeristy, Spokane, WA

Endemic: Essays in Contagion Theory, co-editor with Lorenzo Servitje. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.

Theorizing Syphilis and Subjectivity: From the Victorians to the Present, co-editor with Lorenzo Servitje. Forthcoming from Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.


"Seeing Things: The Dilemma of Visual Subjectivity at the Dawn of the Bacteriological Age in Strindberg's The Father."; Forthcoming in Configurations: A Journal of Literature and Science 26.2 (2016).

"‘A Speculative Idea': The Parallel Trajectories of Financial Speculation, Obstetrical Science, and Fiscal Management of Female Bodies in Henry James's Washington Square."; Journal for Medical Humanities (2014).

"If You Don't Know Me By Now: The Failure of Care in ‘Bartleby, the Scrivener.'"; Disability Studies Quarterly 34.4 (2014).

"Keep Bleeding: Hemorrhagic Sores, Trade, and the Necessity of Leaky Boundaries in Defoe's Journal of the Plague Year."; Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies 14.2 (2014): 62-81.


"Introduction: The Making of a Modern Endemic."; Endemic: Essays in Contagion Theory. Co-written and edited with Lorenzo Servitje. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.

"‘Find the Microbe and Kill It:' Victorian Viral Virulence, Postmodern Zombies, and the American Healthcare Enterprise."; The Walking Med: Zombies and Medical Language. Ed. Sherryl Vint and Lorenzo Servitje. Forthcoming. University Park: Penn State UP, 2016.

"Cultural Documents and Illustrations,"; (author) and "A Critical History of Jane Eyre"; (coauthored with Beth Newman). "Jane Eyre";: A Case Study in Contemporary Criticism. Ed. Beth Newman. 2nd ed. Boston: Bedford St. Martins, 2014.


Review of Evolutionary Aesthetics of Human Ethics in Hardy's Tragic Narratives, by Riza Öztürk. The Hardy Review (2014)

Micah Robbins, Ph.D., August 2013
(MA) Texas State U
(BA) Richard Stockton
2008 19th and 20th C. American Literature, Book History, and Small Press Publishing.

Currently: Assistant Professor of English, American University, Dubai

Julianne Sandberg(BA) Cedarville U

2010 Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century British literature, theology, and religion; interpretation, allegory, and Eucharistic theology

Publication: "The Georgic Mode and 'Poor Labours' of George Herbert."; Forthcoming in Renaissance Studies, 2015.

Currently: Visiting Assistant Professor, Wheaton College (Illinois)

Kayla Walker-Edin
Ph.D., December 2012Assistant Professor, Milligan College, TN
(MA) Portland State University
2007 19th and 20th C. British Literature

Currently:Assistant Professor of English, Milligan College, TN

Bethany Williamson Ph.D., May 2015
(BA) Cedarville U

17th- and 18th- century British Literature; Empire, Travel writing, and Orientalism; Literary and Critical Theory.

"English Republicanism and Global Slavery in Henry Neville's Isle of Pines,"; forthcoming in Eighteenth-Century Fiction (Fall 2014).

Website: www.bethanywilliamson.com

Currently: Assistant Professor of English, Biola University, CA

Ashley Winstead
Ph.D., August 2016
(BA) Vanderbilt U

Primary interests are in twentieth and twenty-first century American fiction, speculation, futurity, the politics of narrative forms, and the intersections between literature, science, and technology. Her dissertation, "Futures Studies: Speculative Narratives in Contemporary American Fiction," argues that contemporary fiction writers imagine their speculative narratives as technologies in order to grant them performative powers, making them into tools with which to shape our shared social reality.


Charles Wuest Ph.D., May 2015
(MFA) U of Florida
(BA) U of Houston
2009 Medieval literature (especially Chaucer), translation studies, creative writing, and pedagogy. His article "Chaucer's Enigmatic Thing in theParliament of Fowls" is forthcoming inStudies in Philology. His "Sisters Are Sisters: Identity In An Anonymous Middle English Poem" is forthcoming in Papers on Language and Literature.


Currently: Assistant Professor, Averett U., VA