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Home-Schooled Students

SMU happily accepts and reviews applications from home-schooled students. A student who has been home-schooled is subject to the same review as a student applying from a traditional high school (please follow application instructions). We ask that all home-schooled students complete the Home School Supplement. Even if you are not using the Common Application to apply, please complete, print, and mail the Common Application Home School Supplement with the rest of your application materials.

The SMU Admission Committee makes the following additional recommendations for home-schooled students to help them be as competitive as possible in the admission process:

  • In our review of applicants, we like to see students challenging themselves academically. Many home-schooled applicants choose to do this by taking courses such as calculus, physics and composition at a local community college. SMU accepts dual-credit courses from  community colleges. Regardless of where your coursework is completed, the committee would like to see, at minimum, four units of English, three units of mathematics (algebra I, plane geometry, algebra II), three units of science (including two units of laboratory science), three units of social science and two units of a foreign language (a two-year sequence). Please be aware that students who present academic records in excess of the minimum requirements generally have an advantage in the admissions process. The average number of core academic courses for an accepted student is 20.
  • The admission committee will need something to help us measure your success as a student in your home-school program. We understand that an official transcript may not be available. If this is the case, please submit some type of transcript and/or course descriptions so that we can fully understand your program and what was used to determine proficiency in each academic area. You can use the space provided on the Home School Supplement or provide a document in your own format.
  • As you will see on our application checklist, a counselor recommendation is required and a teacher recommendation is recommended. The counselor recommendation should come from the individual who has coordinated your home school experience and can provide information about the curriculum you used. The teacher recommendation can be completed by a teacher, tutor, or the advisor of an activity in which you participate.
  • Because each home-school experience is different, SAT II subject test scores and college-level courses can provide the committee with an additional standardized measure of your ability in core academic subject areas such as English, math, and science. Many successful applicants complete college level courses through dual-enrollment programs prior to applying. The admission committee recommends, but does not require, SAT II subject tests in the areas of math, literature, and science.

We look forward to working with you and reviewing your application for admission. Please feel free to contact Abby Chu, with any home-school related questions.