Data Governance Steering Committee (DGSC)

The DGSC provides broad direction and priorities regarding data governance and data warehouse initiatives, and has the authority to put those priorities into action by way of the project (or initiative) taskforce. In the case of intractable disagreement within the DGSC regarding direction, priorities, or decisions related to Data Governance, those issues will be addressed and resolved by the President’s Executive Council (PEC).


  • Chair: Michael Tumeo, Director, Institutional Research
  • Co-Chair: Michael Hites, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology
  • Dayna Oscherwitz, Associate Provost, Institutional Planning and Effectiveness
  • Sheri Kunovich, Associate Provost, Student Academic Engagement and Success
  • Michael Robertson, Assistant Provost, SMU Global and Online
  • Paige Ware, Associate Provost, Faculty Success
  • Robin Poston, Associate Provost for Graduate Education; Dean, Moody School of Graduate and Advanced Studies
  • Suku Nair, Associate Provost for Research ad interim
  • Ernie Barry, Associate Vice President, Budgets and Finance
  • Alison Tweedy, Associate Vice President, Campus Services
  • Michael Molina, Associate Vice President, Facilities
  • Wes Waggoner, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
  • Sheri Starkey, Associate Vice President, Human Resources
  • Dawn Norris, Chief of Staff, Student Affairs
  • Chase Robinson, Director of Records & Gift Administration, Development and External Affairs
  • Chandra McQueen, Director of Internal Audit
  • Rachel Mulry, Executive Director of Planning and Customer Service, Information Technology
  • Michael Harris, President, Faculty Senate
  • Holly Jefffcoat, Dean of SMU Libraries, SMU Libraries
  • Brad Sutton, Sr. Associate Athletic Director, SMU Athletics
  • Kelly Thurman, Associate University Council, Legal Affairs
  • Leigh Ann Moffett, Associate Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, Emergency Management
  • Curt Herridge, Co-Chair, Data Stewardship Subcommittee
  • Vinay Ramachandra, Co-Chair, Data Stewardship Subcommittee

Membership Obligation

The primary responsibility of all direct participants in Data Governance is to leverage data as an asset by ensuring optimal data transparency and trust to enhance the best interests of the University. Other responsibilities and functions include:

  • Collect Data Governance related recommendations from Council members.
  • Resolve data related issues when conflicts arise.
  • Makes decisions about data definitions, data quality, and data timeliness with knowledge of impact on their domain.
  • Consider, approve and promote University-wide data management policies, standards, guidelines, and operating procedures related to the University’s institutional data assets.
  • Assess University-wide applications as it relates to storing and strategically using data.
  • Evaluate and prioritize potential University-wide and institutional data systems projects.
  • Advise on University-wide strategic plans for data management including sourcing, distribution, maintenance, and quality of University institutional data assets.
  • Advise on University-wide data management practices for decision making including data warehousing, business intelligence, master data management, and metadata management.
  • Recommend plans and methods for assessing data management value and risk.
  • Ensure institutional data has consistent definitions and responsible classifications according to best practice data management standards and guidelines.