Student-Athlete Testing

Due to student athletes' travel required during their competition season, it may necessitate early or make-up testing.

The center offers services for student-athletes at the request of their professors and athletic academic counselor. Learn more about student-athlete testing services at SMU.

Determine how to access student-athlete testing services.

All NCAA-approved student-athletes, not including student managers and team graduate assistants, are eligible for student-athlete testing. If you are unsure if you are eligible, please get in touch with your Academic Development of Student-Athletes academic counselor.

Suppose an SMU student-athlete's in-class scheduled test time is impacted by athletic competition, athletic-related injuries, required athletic activities, or student-excused absences. In that case, they are eligible for the testing services below.

Test Administration Time

Test Contact

Student Instructions

Before or after the competition travel


During competition travel

Academic Development of Student-Athletes; as scheduled

Please coordinate with your ADSA academic counselor assigned to your team.

Non-SMU NCAA-approved student-athletes visiting the Hilltop for an athletic competition may access testing services. Please get in touch with Academic Development of Student-Athletes to schedule a test appointment.