Accommodated Testing

Disability Accommodations and Success Strategies students registered for certain services can take in-person accommodated tests for SMU classes.

Registering for a test is easy.

Exams can be designed in ways that are flexible and rarely require accommodations, while others exams create barriers.  Testing accommodations can happen in a variety of ways. Due in part to the way most courses are set up at SMU, testing accommodations may be different from what students have experienced at other schools or expect as a student new to the accommodation process.

Accessible tests in the classroom or online

Many instructors design exams in ways that reduce barriers or they make arrangements to provide the necessary accommodations themselves. As a result, you may find that the accommodations you've used in the past for some courses are not necessary.


  • Exams designed to be completed in a portion of the class time however the entire class period is available to complete the exam (extra time is built in for all students).
  • Online exams modified to include the extended time.
  • Take-home exams, papers or projects.
  • Having technology, like a computer, available during exams.
  • Allowing notes or other materials during the exam.

Why testing in the classroom is often better for the student?

  • You may be able to ask questions during the exam.
  • Receive information from the instructor for any clarifications.
  • Don't have to go to a different location.
  • Don't have to find an alternative time to take the exam.

Students requesting services and accommodations must apply via Disability Accommodations & Success Strategies (DASS).To apply for accommodations, SMU students complete and submit an online Accommodation Request Form along with supporting documentation to determine eligibility for services.

Learn more about the accommodations and how to apply on the DASS website.

An SMU students testing accommodation must be approved by a DASS Team Member.

After their testing accommodation is approved, students must apply and be approved for a Semester Request to use your accommodations for a specific course(s). Your instructor(s) will be notified of your desire to use your Testing Accommodations.

We look forward to helping you! Students can schedule tests to be proctored by the University Testing Center.

Testing at the UTC is done through the UTC Portal for students with approved testing accommodations (e.g., extended time and/or reduced distraction).

Appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance of a classroom testing date. Testing deadlines are strictly enforced. Book early to schedule your seat as testing times and availability at the UTC is limited. 

Download instructions for scheduling your test via the UTC Portal.

Need more information?

New to testing at the University Testing Center? Need to know the location, check-in process, or other instructions related to your test check out our additional student resources.