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Welcome to testing at the University Testing Center.

Our portal facilitates academic, CLEP, and proctored testing services for our campus and surrounding community. Log in using your affiliation.

Frequently Asked Questions

View your complete list in the My History section in the UTC Portal. From here you’ll also be able to make changes to scheduled appointments.

Here, you’ll get help for scheduling, rescheduling or cancelling an existing appointment.

Click on Find my test and details on the right when you log into the UTC Portal and follow the link to check in with your professor.

The troubleshooting link on the right within the UTC Portal provides solutions to some of the most common problems.

We welcome your comments on any of our self-help topics using the “How’d we do” link available for each one.

We're here to help. We compiled additional resources for students, professors, and community members. Plus, you will find test-type specific resources for Academic Testing, CLEP and others on their specific webpages.

If you prefer, we are here via email, phone, and in-person during our business hours - get in touch