Academic Planning

Degree Planner

Explore this planning tool to help you visualize course possibilities and sequences for your degree requirements. You can import courses from your Degree Planner into Schedule Builder in my.smu.

Other Resources

In addition to Degree Planner, you and your advisor can use several tools to plan your degree:

  • Your current Degree Progress Report (DPR) is found in my.SMU by selecting Academics and then "Degree Progress".
  • A CC tracker can help you track the CC requirements you've taken and have yet to take.
  • The SMU Catalog for your academic year of entry (ask your advisor if you're unsure).
  • A Four-Year Planner grid can organize the credits you've already received and allow you to fill in future courses.
  • The web page for CC Approved Courses can identify classes in your major/minor that will fulfill CC requirements.