Exit Survey Analysis


The Exit Survey is our student-oriented questionnaire that tracks external attrition.

The Exit Survey is provided to undergraduate students during their formal exit from the university or for a temporary Leave of Absence. The student experience data collected supports SMU in identifying key drivers of student satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and attrition.

Student Success and Retention facilitates the collection, analysis, and dissemination of findings to the campus community. 

Data collection and analysis

Student Success and Retention (SSR) conduct an analysis of all exit surveys (both formal exit surveys and those related to leaves of absence), along with student demographic and institutional data, during the fall semester. The analysis covers data from the fall census date to the next fall census date. The resulting report is prepared for the Associate Provost of Student Academic Engagement and Success and shared with other administrators.  

Once the fall census date has passed, we close the previous year's survey and start using a new survey for the upcoming year.

Data sharing for continuous improvement

In the spring term, the Student Success and Retention presents their findings from the analysis. Based on these findings, the SSR team makes any necessary changes to the survey during the summer.

Request a presentation of exit survey data or data related to your university unit by sending an email to Student Success and Retention office at - ssr@smu.edu