SMU in Four

SMU-in-Four is a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that aims to increase first-year student retention and graduation rates within four years by improving the undergraduate learning environment while reducing equity gaps.

About SMU in Four

SMU is advancing student academic success through its most essential form: progress toward degree. By improving the undergraduate learning environment while reducing equity gaps, we believe that we can improve retention and graduate rates by prioritizing our three pillars of academic advising, early alert, and first-year and gateway courses

Undergraduate resources

SMU in Four includes a network of campus resources, programs, and services designed to help undergraduate students succeed at SMU. Select your year below to see what SMU in Four can do for you.


What are the three pillars?

SMU is advancing student academic success through its most essential form: progress toward degree. SMU in Four implements three essential pillars that will direct changes to help students stay on track throughout their early years: Early Alert, Academic Advising, and First-year and Gateway Course.


Early Alert

We seek to improve the collection of early and midterm academic performance data that supports student intervention and promotes student success. Discover early progress reports, midterm progress reports, dropout detective, and our mid-semester check-in.

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Academic Advising

We understand that the advising experience is crucial in a student’s degree progress. Plus, successful campus referrals, interventions, and overall student success.Therefore, we are providing advisors and students with better collaboration tools and developing our faculty and professional advising community.

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First-Year and Gateway Courses

We understand the importance of a strong start for students in their first year because it can greatly impact their academic success.As a result, we are closely examining our first-year and gateway courses to improve student engagement, reduce any unintentional inequities, and provide support to instructors who teach large-section classes.

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News and announcements

SMU in Four is a campus-wide initiative with various stakeholders like undergraduate students, staff, faculty, advisors, and parents. Choose the platform that best suits your needs and preferences to join the conversation.


SMU Connected Student Newsletter Students together learning

SMU Connected Student Newsletter

The SMU Connected newsletter is an essential resource to keep you updated on all the latest news and events related to academics, policies, and processes at SMU.

Faculty and Staff Blog Three students conversing

Faculty and Staff Blog

At SMU, we believe that every member of our faculty and staff plays a crucial role in supporting student success. That's why we've created a blog that serves as a comprehensive resource for faculty and staff members dedicated to helping students reach their full potential.


Events and Programs group of students outside

Events and Programs

SMU in Four hosts several academic programs and annual events to generate awareness, understanding, action, and pride regarding important shared work of student success on the Hilltop. The events below are intended for different audiences, so check the description for more details. 

Frequently Asked Questions

SMU in Four has compiled a list of frequently asked questions and organized them for your convenience. Simply click on the button below to find the questions and answers.