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A-LEC tutoring is for any student that wishes to become a stronger student, not just for those who find themselves in academic trouble. A-LEC tutoring is designed to complement and support students’ direct contact with their professors.  Our aim is to connect you with a knowledgeable person with whom you can discuss the course material you are working on, whether your work is focused on a specific problem or on more general questions about how to study for the course.   Over one hundred tutors, mostly upper-level undergraduates or graduate students, provide support for most first- and second-year courses, as well as many advanced courses. 

A-LEC tutoring is available at no charge to SMU undergraduates, and no appointment is necessary. 

Honored Tutors for the Spring 24’ Semester are:

Duke Dominic Bartholomew- Ben Thomas Excellence in Tutoring Award

Nino Federico Castellano- Ben Thomas Excellence in Tutoring Award

Ethan William Zech- Ben Thomas Excellence in Tutoring Award

Malachi Bradford Steward- Undergraduate National Fellowship Award- Gilman Scholar to France

Sneha Grace Alex- Honors Program

Blake A. Wallace- Honors Program

Blake A. Wallace- Religious Studies Writing Award

Yumiko Eliana Hastings- Phi Beta Kappa

Anna Lena Adams- Tau Sigma

Malachi Bradford Steward- Tau Sigma

Faith Aliyah Bellamy- Hamilton Undergraduate Research Scholar

Kshounish Bhadra-Bhaduri- Chalk Scholarship Award for Excellence in Physics


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What to Expect

Any SMU undergraduate, especially in a first- or second-year course, can benefit from working with an LEC tutor. We work with strong students as well as students who are taking on material they find really challenging. 

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Tutor Schedule

Drop-in to the A-LEC for tutoring during the times your course has tutoring available. 

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