Resources for Students New to DASS

New to SMU or DASS?

Students who have never applied for DASS services usually have a lot of questions and concerns about our office and the accommodation process. Whether you are a prospective SMU student in high school or at another college or university, a matriculating first year or transfer student, or a current SMU student unaffiliated with DASS, we are here to help!

A Good Place to Start

Since the process to apply for DASS services is the same for all students, these three resources will be helpful for anyone wanting to learn more.


Applying, Accommodations, and Documentation

Information about applying for DASS services, types of accommodations, and disability-related documentation can be found on that section of our site.


The Red and Blue Flyer

DASS's Red and Blue Flyer is a great 1-sheet that outlines both the Disability Accommodations and the Success Strategies parts of our office.


Roles and Responsibilities

It is important to understand your roles, rights, and responsibilities, but also those of the university, the DASS office, and SMU faculty.