Test Proctoring

Making Arrangements for Proctored Exams

DASS students work with their instructors to implement their testing accommodations. 

Students meet with instructors to discuss testing arrangements

DASS expects students to communicate with each of their instructors to discuss their testing accommodations well before the test date. DASS suggests they bring copies of their current class schedules to this meeting so that instructors and students can more easily determine the best course of action.

Some faculty members may handle all of the proctored testing in-house. Others may determine that they, their TAs, or other departmental representatives are not able to provide the testing accommodations, in which case, students will schedule their tests at SMU's University Testing Center (UTC).

Note that all Cox School of Business and Dedman School of Law exams are arranged and proctored by specific staff members of those Schools.

Students register for test proctoring

All accommodated testing proctoring (other than Cox School of Business and Dedman School of Law) will require students to schedule via the SMU University Testing Center portal accessible through the UTC website. Students can only schedule test appointments after their instructor has set up their tests within the platform.

Student takes their test

Accommodated students may take their test in one of two locations, based on which accommodations they are approved and choose to use for a particular test appointment

Scribe or reader accommodations

All-other testing-based accommodations

The UTC Portal will schedule students who choose to use their reader or scribe accommodation at the DASS Office in Loyd All-Sports Center, Suite 202.


Scribe and reader testing appointments require a 7-day notice.

The University Testing Center administers all other testing accommodations (except Cox School of Business and Dedman Law) in Clements Hall, G15 Basement.


Two-day notice is required to schedule a test appointment.

Returning the exam to the instructor

After a student completes a test, the university staff member who proctored the test will return it to the instructor for grading.


For questions about the reader or scribe accommodation, email us at dass@smu.edu, or phone us at 214-768-1470.

For all other questions about test proctoring, please contact the University Testing Center.