Students for New Learning

Support, Networking, and Outreach

Students for New Learning, or SNL for short, is an SMU-chartered student organization just for neurodivergent students, including students with ADHD, learning differences, and ASD. This informal group meets monthly to provide support to each other, learn tips and strategies, plan fun events, and work as an educating agent on campus on the topic of learning differences.

Leadership Opportunities

We are always looking for new student leaders. Please contact the SNL Advisor - David Tylicki at

The Extra Mile Award

The Extra Mile Award: Since 2008, Students for New Learning has chosen over 40 deserving faculty members from across campus to receive The Extra Mile Award, recognizing their excellent teaching of those who learn differently. Funding and support for this award are provided by the President’s Commission on the Needs of Persons with Disabilities, reflecting how much SMU values faculty sensitivity to students with learning differences.

Congratulations to our 2023 Award Winners! 

Andrea Arterbery, Journalism, Meadows


Patricia Rawlins, Latin, Dedman


Helen Reynolds, Economics, Dedman


Watch the 2023 Hilltop Excellence Awards Extra Mile Award presentation video


Past Events and Programs

Guest speaker Tiffany Sunday, internationally known author and lecturer, has led three discussions covering such topics as the modern workforce, digital technology, entrepreneurship, creativity, and dyslexia. Read more about these in issues of AccessAbility.

Allies for Inclusion: The Ability Exhibit

LD/ADHD in the Workplace: Panel Discussion

Peer mentoring panel at The Winston School

Produced video: "Learning Disabilities in College: A Student Perspective"

Low Ropes Course