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Lantern Slides produced by the Methodist Episcopal Church, South


group of students

Group of students,
Collegio Isabella Hendrix.
Brazil, c. 1919–1920.

Rio de Janeiro

View of Rio de Janeiro.
circa 1919–1923.


Christmas Banquet, Wesley
House, Louisville, KY.
circa 1918–1921.

Old Coach

Old Coach.
circa 1918–1921.


Winnowers of coffee,
Brazil. c. 1919–1923.


Pastor and Ford car.
circa 1918–1921.

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SisterThe glass lantern slides in this collection were produced by the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (1844–1939) as visual aids for promoting the denomination’s domestic and international missionary work. These hand-colored slides feature images of Brazil, Cuba, China, Russia, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Virginia. All were produced in the late 1910s or the early 1920s and bear the markings of the Board of Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, or the "Centenary Commission, M.E.C.S." The Centenary Commission raised funds for evangelistic and benevolent missionary enterprises in observance of the one-hundredth anniversary of the formation of the Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal church in 1819.

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