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Overview of the Official University Bulletin and Catalogs

The official University bulletin and catalogs are managed and published by SMU's Office of the Registrar.

The official University catalog, bulletin or addendum takes precedent over information published on a school's or department's website.

Print Versions of Catalogs

To print individual sections of the current catalog, use the print-friendly icon found on the upper right-hand corner of pages on the catalog website. To print entire catalogs, download PDFs found on the undergraduate catalog archive or the graduate catalog archive webpages.


Your Catalog of Record

With a few exceptions, your catalog of record is the one in use during your term of matriculation at SMU. One exception is if you are returning to SMU after a three-year absence; your catalog of record is the one published for the academic year when you return. Archived copies are available for undergraduate catalogs and graduate catalogs

Curriculum Update: Based on the school of record, you may declare a later catalog of record if your program changes its requirements for the major. If you move forward to a later catalog you must meet all requirements in that catalog, including admission requirements for academic programs.

Policy Update: Changes in official SMU policies do not constitute grounds for changing your catalog of record. You are responsible for complying with all current University rules and regulations.

Scheduled Catalog Revisions

Catalogs are updated annually by the relevant schools and departments and the University’s catalog editor. Information in the catalog is reviewed by the appropriate University committees and/or departments and approved by the governing body, the school and the Office of the Provost.

Contact Info and Catalog Style Tips

Direct questions about the official University catalogs or technical questions about the catalog webpages to the University catalog editor at