All Forms/Requests

  • Change of Status Request From: Book an appointment to get the form
  • Change of Status by Re-Entry with new I20 (Current Students): Book an appointment to get the form
  • Dependent I20/DS2019 request for continuing students/visitors
  • Economic Hardship Request: Book an appointment to get the form
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Cox Students
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT) LAW Students
  • Extension Request
  • Financial Commitment Form (please upload to the Extension Request form, if applicable)
  • Document Request/Reprint
  • I-20 Request for Readmission to Complete Program
  • Travel Endorsement Request 
  • Pre-Post OPT I20 Request
  • STEM OPT Request
  • OPT Employment Verification Form
  • Reinstatement to F-1 Status (Book an appointment with advisor to get the form)
  • Request for New I20 Re-entry and Reinstatement of Status 
  • Returning After Early Withdrawal (Leave of Absence)
  • RCL Due to Completion of Degree (last semester)
  • RCL due to Academic Difficulties: Book an appointment with advisor to get the form.
  • RCL due to Medical Reasons: Book an appointment with advisor to get the form.
  • SEVIS Withdrawal/Completion/Leave of Absence Request  
  • Student Transfer Out Request (Undergraduate Students)
  • Student Transfer Out Request (Graduate Students) 
  • Exit Survey for Transfer Out Form (please upload a screenshot of the completion page in the form)


    Letter Requests

    Please complete the Letter Request form for the following requests:

    • Status/enrollment verification
    • Graduation ceremony participation
    • OPT status


    Social Security Letter: Please complete this request and include the name, email of your current supervisor. When completed, you will be required to pick up the letter from our office.


    ITIN LetterPlease complete this request. When the request is processed, you will be required to come to the Office during walk-in hours with your immigration documents (passport, I20/DS2019, and visa) to receive your final ITIN letter. This is the letter you will need to include in your ITIN request which is sent to the IRS. For more information, please visit U.S. Living.


    All letters will be processed within 3-5 business days.


    Exchange Visitors

  • Academic Training Application
  • DS2019 Request (Exchange/Visiting Student) (FORM TO BE USED BY SMU STAFF)
  • DS2029 Request (Exchange Visitor: Scholar/Professor) (FORM TO BE USED BY SMU STAFF)
  • Exchange Visitor Health Insurance Verification Form
  • Exchange Visitor Occasional Lectures and Consultations Request
  • Exchange Visitor Out of Country Request
  • Exchange Visitor Notice of Departure
  • Exchange Visitor Extension Request (Scholars/Professors)
  • Exchange Visitors Transfer OUT Request (Non-SMU Employees)
  • Exchange Visitors Transfer OUT (Professors and Scholars benefits-eligible employees)
  • Exchange Visitor (Transfer TO SMU) (Professor/Scholar)
  • Exchange Visitor Mandatory Govt Check-IN
  • J2 Work Authorization Service Request
  • Visa Questionnaire for Exchange Visitors