Special Announcement

Fall 2021 Updates:

Dear SMU International Community:

As SMU is returning to in-person instruction, here are a few reminders:  

Government Check-In (arrival to the U.S for the first time): If you deferred your arrival from the Spring semester, please remember, you must complete a mandatory government check-in. Failure to complete a government check-in, will result in termination of your status. For more information about government check-in dates, please visit:

Travel Signatures:

Please submit a travel endorsement request form with your original I20/DS2019 document. All signatures will be processed within 3 business days. If you are not in the U.S, and need to return to the U.S., please submit a service request form requesting a re-print of your I20/DS2019.

You do not need a current signature to depart the United States. You only need a valid travel signature to re-enter the U.S.

Please check the Department of State for any travel restrictions that affect your home country: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/ea/covid-19-information.html


Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at claudiahart@smu.edu or any of our team members at isss@smu.edu