Other Scholarships

Air Force and Army ROTC 

SMU partners with the University of North Texas for Air Force ROTC and the University of Texas at Arlington for Army ROTC .

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:   Students who receive a full tuition scholarship through the Air Force ROTC  or Army ROTC now qualify for a housing and dining scholarship covering 100% of  on-campus housing charges as well as a standard dining plan.  Please note, full housing and dining scholarships will be offered only to ROTC students who are living on-campus and receive a FULL tuition ROTC scholarship.  Off-campus housing expenses will not be covered.  

Students receiving full tuition and fees ROTC scholarships are NOT eligible to receive additional SMU merit aid. General information about ROTC Programs and scholarships is available online here. Refer to the above UNT and UTA websites for program specifics. 

Students that are interested in applying to SMU and have questions related to ROTC participation should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
PO Box 750181
Dallas, TX 75275
214- 768-2063

It is the student's responsibility to provide SMU with the approved ROTC Scholarship letter from their host university. Please send the letter to: 

Lisa Kelley
Office of the University Bursar
PO Box 750181 
Dallas, TX 75275 

Students enrolling for their first semester at SMU should notify the Student Financial Services Office of an anticipated ROTC Scholarship. 

Amanda Leal
Student Financial Services Office
PO Box 750181 
Dallas, TX 75275 

First Year/Incoming students:  A student enrolling in their first semester at SMU will be responsible for any outstanding balance if the Bursar's office has not received the ROTC scholarship funds prior to payment due date. Once the ROTC scholarship has been received, the student will be eligible for a refund of the payment they have made in excess of the scholarship funds.


Continuing students:  It is the students responsibility each semester to initiate the process/funds request via goarmy.com and with your respective recruiter.  No award will be made until SMU receives written confirmation from the recruiters at UNT/UTA with exact scholarship amounts listed.  Confirmation letters are not issued until the student has completed their portion requirements online with goarmy.com.

Athletic Scholarships

Department of Compliance, SMU Athletic Department

Ryan McCabe
PO Box 750216
Dallas, TX 75275-0216
(214) 768-4652

Online Outside Scholarship Searches and Information Sites

There are a variety of customizable search engines designed to assist students in locating off-campus scholarship resources. Click on any of the links below to begin searching the Internet for additional scholarship money. There are also various scholarship resources, including a local database and many scholarship reference books, available through the Central Library system at SMU.

For more information, contact:

Southern Methodist University
Division of Enrollment Services
PO Box 750181
Dallas, TX 75275-0181
(214) 768-2058
Email the Scholarship Office