Facts About Meal Plans

  • All resident students must purchase a meal plan. First-year and second year residential students are required to have The Works meal plan. After completing the first two years, a resident student may select from The Works or Block 150 options.
  • Resident students who are senior- or graduate-level may select the Senior Block 50 or any of the above listed meal plans.
  • Each meal plan Dining Membership listed above is available to nonresident students.
  • Meal Plans may be used in the Umphrey Lee Center (RFoC@Lee), Arnold Dining Commons or in McElvaney Hall (Mac’s Place) by using access swipes.
  • All members are allowed to bring guests, provided members are present at the time of transaction. Guests (up to 10 per term) of meal plans The Works and Block 150 are admitted by accessing membership guest access swipes. Guests of members on Senior Block 50 are admitted by paying the door entry rate per guest from the member’s Flex Dollars account.
  • Flex Dollars are stored-value, declining-balance programs that work on the same principles as a debit card.
  • Flex Dollars may be used to purchase meals or commodities at any SMU Dining Services location on campus.
  • Flex Dollar balances carry over from summer to fall to spring terms.
  • Rates for continuous service periods between standard-meal periods are calculated at the prior meal-period rate.
  • A meal plan may be changed through the last day of add/drop, allowing one change per term for all plans. Unless a different meal plan is selected, students will be enrolled automatically in the spring for the same meal plan selected for the fall term. 

For more information, contact SMU Dining Services at dining@smu.edu.