Graduate Student in Residence (GSiR) Program

The Graduate Student in Residence (GSiR) Program was created in 2020 to support advanced Dedman College Ph.D. students as they pursue research on topics of interdisciplinary interest and impact. The Program is designed to give graduate students the dedicated space to develop their research agendas and the opportunity to engage with other students (and faculty) who share their interdisciplinary interests.

GSiRs are given access to a private office within the DCII’s offices in Gerald J. Ford Hall for Research and Innovation. They also receive funding to support research activities and/or conference travel.

The graduate students form a cohort that meets regularly to share research progress and collaboratively tackle research challenges, and GSiRs are also encouraged to participate in DCII Research Clusters. At the end of the academic year, each GSiR gives a research presentation that is open to members of the SMU community.