World Languages B.A.: French

World Languages: French, B.A.

The B.A. in World Languages allows students to specialize in two languages. In the World Languages: French major, students choose French as the primary language and one secondary language specialization (Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian or Spanish). Students must complete at least 26 credit hours of coursework beyond the first-year sequence in the French primary language and at least 16 credit hours in the secondary language specialization. The total number of credit hours depends on the languages studied.

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Requirements for the Major

Secondary Language Specializations

One secondary language chosen from the following eight specializations:


Required Courses


Required Courses

Total: 18-19 Credit Hours


Spanish has three tracks, for non-native, heritage and native speakers of Spanish. These categories refer to astudent’slinguistic ability and are determined by the Spanish area adviser.As such, tracks and appropriate courses are selected in consultation with the Spanish area adviser.

Track for Native Speakers:Native speakers will start coursework at the 4000 level. In consultation with the Spanish area adviser, they should begin withSPAN 4301orSPAN 4302, with one exception: native speakers who have not had formal academic training withwritten Spanish may begin coursework withSPAN 3359.

Track for Heritage Speakers:Heritage speakers must takeSPAN 2323andSPAN 3359,instead ofSPAN 2302andSPAN 3358. From the second category below, they may select fromSPAN 3373,SPAN 3374,SPAN 3375, orSPAN 3356only.

Track for Non-Native Speakers:Non-native speakers may takeSPAN 3355beforeSPAN 3358and/or may take one of the following concurrently withSPAN 3358:SPAN 3311,SPAN 3312,SPAN 3313, orSPAN 3355.