Research Clusters

The Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute sponsors research clusters convened by various faculty across campus. Clusters meet several times each semester to discuss common interests and collaborate in shared activities, and are open to participants from any and all disciplines and departments.

2021-2022 World Language Clusters:

Christianity and Scholarship: This cluster will promote and facilitate interdisciplinary exploration of the Christian tradition as inspiration and paradigm for research and teaching. It will bring together scholars from a variety of fields to examine the role and value of Christian epistemology in a largely secular academy. World Language Convener: Denise DuPont (Spanish)

Critical Literacies for the Digital Age: The purpose of this cluster is to articulate precise critical terms and research methodologies in order to understand the critical literacies needed to address rapidly proliferating genres and evolving contexts in which texts, information, and misinformation are produced, disseminated and received in the digital age. The cluster will focus on literacies most pertinent to education and public discourse, namely information, media, and cross-cultural literacies. World Language Convener: Michael Allred (Spanish)

Global Literacy and Languages for Specific Purposes: This research cluster unites faculty from a range of academic and professional disciplines to discuss and define a set of shared goals and best practices to provide students with real-world, global perspectives and transferable skills aligned with skills employers seek in the contemporary workplace. Topics of discussion include curricular innovation, academic and corporate partnerships for internships and field work abroad and at home, and the assessment of and integration with SMU’s Common Curriculum requirements with a focus on the integration of world languages and cultures for professional purposes across the curriculum. World Language Conveners: Paola Buckley (French), Aria Cabot (Teaching & Technology Center)

Hispanics at Work: Business and Cultural Matters (HAW): The purpose of this cluster is to bring together faculty, staff, graduate students and the Dallas business community who are interested in different topics relating to Hispanic leadership, business, language and culture within the workplace. It will examine the complex and innovative ways in which American Corporate Culture is transforming as it integrates Hispanic language, culture and business practices. Moreover, it seeks to make points of contact, stimulate intellectual exchanges and research about the material culture of these two praxes and how they intersect and make a unique workforce. World Language Convener: Leticia T. McDoniel , World Languages

For more information and a full description of the cluster and proposed activities see HERE.