Joshua Crabill



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Hyer Hall 211F




Ph.D., University of Southern California

Curriculum vitae

My primary research is in social and political philosophy, philosophy of law, and ethics. I’m interested in nature of the social roles that people occupy, in particular how the normative dimensions of social roles are structured by the practices and institutions of which they are a part. Of special interest to me is the way in which occupying social roles in different domains (e.g., corporate, legal, virtual) lends itself to both possible and actual conflicts of role-based reasons and obligations.


Publications (Selected)


“A Place to Be Free: Writing Your Own Story in Westworld” in Westworld and Philosophy (Wiley Blackwell, 2018): 114–124.

Review of Ten Things Video Games Can Teach Us (About Life, Philosophy and Everything) by Jordan Erica Webber and Daniel Griliopoulos, Teaching Philosophy 40(4), (2017): 486–490. 

“Suppose Yalcin Is Wrong About Epistemic Modals,” Philosophical Studies 162(3), (2013): 625–635.

“The Consumer’s Right: An Expanded Role for Psychiatric Advance Directives in Reducing Coercive Intervention in Mental Health Care, ” Mental Health Law & Policy Journal 1(1), (2012): 71–97.


Courses Taught

1319: Technology, Society, and Value

1318: Contemporary Moral Problems
1317: Business Ethics

Joshua Crabill