RTG-REU Events

2022 Events

Wednesday, May 4  9:30 am to 4:00 pm

"Math-SMU RTG Day"
The Math Department will have its first in person Math-RTG day on Wednesday, May 4.

The event will showcase work from our RTG Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellows, supported by the NSF Research Training Grant entitled: "Modeling and computations  for complex systems at SMU".  I hope you can join us for some of the talks to be held at Clements Hall 126.



2021 Events

Monday, July 12  4:00-5:30pm

"Internship opportunities at the Los Alamos National Laboratory"

Leading the conversation: Dr, Gowri Srinivasan, Deputy Director, Physics Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Mr. Jonathan Lindbloom SMU 21, Math major. Currently doing an Internship at LANL. He will start his graduate studies in Applied Mathematics at Dartmouth in Fall 21.


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Passcode: 137785


Wednesday, July 14, 4-5pm

Lecture by SMU-RTG Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Ken Yamamoto

"Patterns and geometry in nature: From flowers, sea slugs, to robots"


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Meeting ID: 927 3422 7394

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2020 Events

Analysis of dynamic flows in networks
Prof. J.G. Caputo INSA Rouen Normandie, France 
MTW, January 27-29, 2020 Location: Clements Hall 126 READ MORE

Math RTG-Scientific Computing Lecture Series: Monte Carlo Method for Problems in Mathematics, Physics, and Biology Schedule