The Department of Biological Sciences is located in the 68,000 square foot Dedman Life Sciences Building, which contains state-of-the-art laboratories, research facilities, lecture halls, and conference rooms.

Modern instrumentation includes: two laser-confocal microscope systems (Zeiss LSM800 with an Airyscan super-resolution detector and stage CO2 incubator and a Nikon TE2000/C1 with three He-Ne lasers) and standard upright and inverted fluorescence microscopes (Zeiss w/Apotome and Nikon models), an electron spin resonance (ESR) facility, FACS/fluorescence-activated cell-sorter, shared cell/tissue-culture areas equipped with CO2 incubators, laminar-flow biosafety cabinets and table-top centrifuges, high-speed centrifuges and ultracentrifuges, as well as table-top ultracentrifuges, sonic dismembrators, real-time qRT-PCR instruments, spectrophotometers, scintillation counter, common areas with large-capacity floor-model shakers and bacterial incubators, and more.

The building contains walk-in cold room areas, incubator and ultralow freezer bays, histology area with a Microm HM505E cryomicrotome for the automated preparation of tissue-sections, dark rooms and Biorad Chemidoc Touch molecular biology-gel documentation systems, high-capacity autoclaves, automatic glassware washers, dry ovens, and a Drosophila lab with CO2 workstations, constant temperature chambers, dedicated media preparation area and equipment. The second and third floors contain graduate student/postdoctoral fellow offices and conference rooms with modern AV equipment, and a computer lab is located on the first floor.