Subiendo Academy at SMU


When is the 2024 Subiendo Academy?
The 2024 Subiendo Academy will take place on the SMU campus in Dallas June 23-27, 2024. Students will participate in professional and leadership development programming, as well as their team's week-long project for the entirety of the academy.

Is Subiendo only for students who want to major in business?
Subiendo is meant to inspire the next generation to take on leadership roles in any environment they choose. Business interested students will benefit most from the program but students who have a wide variety of interests can still benefit from Subiendo.

How much does it cost?
Students attend at no cost to themselves or their families.

Where will students stay? How are they supervised?

Subiendo students stay in Boaz Residence Hall on the SMU campus. Students are housed by gender and Team Leaders of the same gender will be sleeping on the same floor as the students. Students will be under supervision at all times during the academy.

What should students wear?
Students should bring 4 sets of business casual clothing and 4 sets of casual clothing for sleeping and night activities.

Are students fed during the academy?
Yes, students are fed 3 meals a day and have snacks available throughout the day. Breakfast will be served at the dining hall before each day of programming begins, and students will be served lunch and dinner at different locations each day.

What if students have special dietary restrictions?

We will cater to dietary restrictions. If your students has a special dietary restriction, they should note that on the form they will complete after receiving their acceptance.

What if I have additional questions?
Call 214-768-1110 or email