Here a few questions and answers about being an Usher at McFarlin Memorial Auditorium.

Who can be a McFarlin usher?

The Auditorium has an agreement with organizations that provides Usher services, depending on the type of show. Unfortunately, McFarlin does not use volunteer Ushers.

What are the requirements?

It is important that you show up by your call time which is generally one hour and thirty minutes before the show actually starts. Ushers coming in later than the assigned call time could be sent home at the discretion of the management. Each volunteer should be capable of standing until each show begins and for sold out shows will be required to stand until released from duty.

Ushers are not allowed to use cell phones while on duty.

How long do ushers stay for each performance?

Most ushers stay through the duration of the performance but are usually released from duty once the crowd disburses.

Are ushers allowed to bring in food to eat before the show begins?

All food and drinks must be consumed before you check in for your assignments. If you bring food with you, you will be asked to remain in the Ushers' Room until you finish eating.

What is the dress code for ushers?

The required dress code is for Ushers to wear a black vest that identifies them as a McFarlin Usher, unless a Security Usher service is used.

Where do ushers park?

If an Usher's call time is after 5:00pm, Ushers are welcome to park in the A-lot or the Law Garage. If their call time is before 5:00pm, Ushers must park in the Law Garage or Airline Garage both off of Daniel Avenue.