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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

Research, involving the observation, consideration or learning of previously unknown ideas, goes to the heart of SMU's mission. We strongly encourage undergraduate students to pursue research projects as an important supplement to their curriculum.

Real-world experience confronting and solving genuinely new problems provides an excellent preparation for life after SMU and in a variety of career paths. The opportunity to pursue a topic or idea in an independent way with faculty involvement or supervision provides an important path to intellectual growth. Projects leading to publication bring a valuable distinction to a student's resume in today's competitive world.

There are many different opportunities for research at SMU including faculty-led projects, student-led projects, and collaborative projects.  These enable students to engage in research in many different contexts.  A student wishing to work on research might apply for an Undergraduate Research Assistantship or an Engaged Learning Fellowship.  Honors students could apply for a Richter Fellowship

Within Dedman College, the Hamilton Undergraduate Research Scholars program fosters strong faculty-student collaboration.  In addition to financial-based research awards, academic departments offer students the chance to pursue work in multiple semesters toward a senior thesis.  These programs each have different emphases and students are encouraged to look for the best match to their research interests.