Residence Life and Student Housing

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SMU Housing Portal

To apply for housing, please log into the portal with your SMU ID and password.

Only CURRENT residents have access to the portal at this time. See "About" for information about applying.

Incoming first year students may apply for housing after paying their deposit. An email with instructions will be sent after processing.

See Tips below if you have having trouble logging in.


Welcome to living on-campus! To apply for housing, students may log into the housing portal using their SMU ID and password.

When may students apply?

  • For 2019-20 
    • All incoming First-year & Transfer students after February 1. The SMU Deposit must be paid to the office of Undergraduate Admissions first. Please allow at least 5 business days after payment is processed.
    • Current undergraduate students living on-campus will reapply for the 2019-2020 academic year beginning January 2019. Room selection is held after Spring Break. Complete details will be posted on the RLSH website. Applications received after priority sign up are assigned on a rolling basis to available space.
  • Students not currently living on-campus may apply for 2019-20 after Spring Break, and should contact RLSH for information about how to apply.
  • Graduate students interested in living on-campus should contact RLSH for information about availability and the application process. Graduate housing is very limited.

To log in, use your SMU ID number and SMU password.

If you get the Error message"User Name cannot be identified"-
You are not currently in the housing portal system. Only Current Residents have access at this time. Incoming first years for Fall 2019 who have paid their SMU Deposit will be able to log in after February 1.

Applying for Spring 2019? Incoming undergraduates may apply on line after October 15, 2019. Please contact our office.

If you are attempting to log in and have your parent log in as you at the same time, you will receive error messages.

You may use any browser to log into the portal.