In a growing world, strong health leadership is essential

Advances in public health and clinical care, along with transformative new applications of technology, have enabled health providers to help people live longer and more productive lives. To sustain these trends, health systems must provide care that individuals and communities need, in ways they will use it, and at costs they can afford. The Institute for Leadership Impact helps healthcare leaders improve the way they respond to this challenge through leadership and continual improvement. We believe that with the right tools, these leaders can transform the health and well-being of a patient and a population, of a neighborhood and a nation.

The Institute offers training for Global Health Corps fellows and custom training solutions tailored to the needs of your organization. The Institute also supports the development of research-based medical simulations for healthcare leaders in developing countries, as well as the development of eLearning courses used to train medical professionals in women's cancer best practices.

Virtual Reality Surgery Simulator (VRSS)

Institute for Leadership Impact leaders have worked with an international cohort of researchers, academics, physicians, and designers to develop the Virtual Reality Surgery Simulator (VRSS), a low-cost tool designed to accelerate the surgical training process in low-income countries. You can learn more about the project on the Virtual Reality Surgery Simulator website.

“If we can scale up the number of trained surgeons who can do different procedures, it will really impact the health of the [African] continent.”

–Eric G. Bing, MD, Ph.D, MBA

Director, Institute for Leadership Impact

Training the Rwandan Military

Training the Rwanda military in 2016 - SMU Institute for Leadership Impact

In 2016, the Institute for Leadership Impact provided health system leadership training to the Rwandan military. The goal of the training was to enable leaders to improve system efficiency in the main military hospital. Through a 5-day on-site leadership training with 50 hospital leaders, the team developed skills in individual, team, and system leadership and created a strategy to improve system-level efficiency by 25% within 6 months. Following the training, Institute for Leadership Impact staff provided ongoing coaching for key participants to reinforce their leadership skills and help them achieve their goals.

Global Health Corps Training

As part of an ongoing partnership with Global Health Corps, an international organization devoted to mobilizing young leaders toward the goal of global health equity, Institute director Dr. Eric G. Bing conducts leadership training for incoming Global Health Corps fellows at Yale University. The training focuses on developing strengths in a team context. Trainees had the opportunity to test their skills by participating in a group challenge designed to help them increase their impact.   

Custom Solutions for Your Organization

Your goals and challenges are unique. That’s why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach. We work with you to determine the best way to support you and your organization’s work. Our programs include an array of didactic, experiential, individual, and team-based leadership experiences, all tailored to help you create the impact you desire.

To learn more, contact the Institute for Leadership Impact at or 214-768-4539.