One-on-one Success Coaching

Success coaching provides support and resources to help students overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Students meet with SSR staff to discuss concerns and get connected to campus resources. Common topics include navigating the college experience, learning about academic support tools, and opportunities for campus engagement.

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Doing well in college takes more than good study habits. True academic success requires the development and alignment of your academic, social, and emotional selves—the whole of you.

That is why SMU created one-on-one success coaching, a free service that academically supports students by supporting the whole student.

Specific SSR team members work one-on-one with students to learn their goals, understand their obstacles, and light their way toward academic and personal growth for a richer, more fulfilling college experience.

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Our success coaches have similar training and experience supporting student success on the Hilltop. We do understand that sometimes we are able to connect easier with some folks better than others. Therefore, we empower students to sign up for any success coach. 

Review out success coach biographies below. 


Ivy Phillips

SSR Success Counselor 

Pronouns: she/they 

  • I received my B.S. and M.S. in Biology and M.A. in Higher Education with a focus on minority student success and retention. Before joining SSR in 2021, I worked as a tutor, instructor, academic advisor, and program coordinator at 5 separate higher education institutions. 

  • I am originally from China, and I am fluent in Mandarin and Teochew, and intermediate in Cantonese.

  • My goal as a Success Counselor is to provide holistic support for students' academic, social, emotional, and professional growth and development.

  • There are no silly questions or questions that are too small to discuss with your Success Counselor. Please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here for you!


One-on-one success coaching can be virtual, in person, or over the phone. Schedule a session with one of our success coaches.