Supportive Faculty and Staff

All faculty and staff at SMU are committed to student success; however, some have taken extra steps to show their support to first-generation college students in particular.

The faculty and staff list below contains members of the SMU community who have committed to support first-generation college students beyond what is required in their roles. They are either first-generation college students themselves or have chosen to support this population. If you see the First-Gen Proud sticker displayed on campus, the individual has committed to guide you along your college journey.

Reach out for support. We're expecting you during both the good and not-so-great times.

How to join

al · ly
noun; plural noun: allies
a person or group that is associated with another or others for some common cause or purpose

to associate, connect, or unite

Faculty and staff make a commitment to support first-generation students at SMU by agreeing to program expectations and completing the webform below. After registration, they will receive a First-Gen Proud sticker in campus mail to display in the campus office. 

First-Gen Proud Allies Registration

Faculty & staff allies

First-Gen Prod allies are faculty and staff from around the university that understand the challenges you may be facing, many were first-generation students themselves, and are willing to help you through whatever it is you have questions about.  Be sure to point out that you found their contact information on the First-Gen Proud page.


Photo Name Pronouns  SMU Email First-Generation Status Department and Title
 Tiffany_McCray Tiffany McCray 
- - Lecturer of American Sign Language
 Yajaira_Diaz Yajaira Diaz she/her/hers  Assistant Director of Career Development, Hegi Family Career Development Center, Student Affairs 
Photo Name Pronouns SMU Email First-Generation Status Department and Title
 Abby_Pruitt Abigail Pruitt -
- Clinical Professor
 Adam_Neal Adam Neal he/him/his
Assistant Director, Office of Engaged Learning 
 AdrianaAceves Adriana Aceves - - Department of Mathematics, Senior Lecturer
  Alan Humason - Yes Laboratory Coordinator II
 Alberto_Pastor Alberto Pastor he/him/his Yes Associate professor of Spanish and General Linguistcs
 Alida_Liberman Alida Liberman -
Yes Associate Professor of Philosophy
 Alyssa_R Alyssa Reiman  she/her/hers
Academic Advisor, University Advising Center
 Amy_Rouse Amy Gillespie Rouse - Yes Simmons, Teaching and Learning, Associate Professor
  Annette Owen she/her/hers
Yes  Coordinator, Baptist House of Studies, Perkins School of Theology 
 Aria_Cabot Aria Cabot - - World Languages, Teaching and Technology Center Director

Becca Umobong - Director, Academic Skill Development
 Beth_Newman Beth Newman -
Yes Associate Professor (English)
 BonnieHainline Bonnie Hainline  she/her/hers  Yes  Director, Campus Recreation, Division of Student Affairs
  Brooke Guelker - Yes Office of the Associate Provost, Executive Assistant
  Burke Jam -
Yes Creative Computation, Adjunct Lecturer
 CaitlinAnderson Caitlin Anderson she/her/hers  Senior Lecturer, Applied Physiology and Sport Management; Director, Hilltop Scholars Program
  Chris Meyers - Director, First-Generation Initiative 
 Dallas_Gingles Dallas Gingles - Yes Perkins School of Theology, Site Director of Houston-Galveston Program
 Daniele_Forlino Daniele Forlino he/him/his Yes WL, Lecturer of Italian
 DaveMorrin Dave Morrin  he/him/his  Yes Regional Director of Undergraduate Admission for Florida, Georgia, and Alabama
 Dayna_Oscherwitz Dayna Oscherwitz - Yes Professor, French; Assoc. Provost for Institutional Planning & Effectiveness
 Dustin_Grabsch Dustin Grabsch he/him/his
Yes Assist. Provost of Undergraduate Education & Academic Success
 Evans_Gary Gary Alan Evans -
Yes Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor
 Gianna_Englert Gianna Englert  -
Assistant Professor, Political Science, Dedman College

 Parklee_Hannah Hannah Park Lee   she/her/hers  Honors & Scholars Program Specialist, Office of the Provost




 Heather Gottas Moore  she/her/hers/herself

 yes Assistant Director of Lifelong Learning, Office of External Programs, Perkins School of Theology
 Hiroki_Takeuchi Hiroki Takeuchi  he/him/his  - Associate Professor, Political Science, Dedman College 
 Ivy_Phillips Ivy Phillips she/they/them  Yes  Success Counselor, Office of Student Success and Retention
 JacobTrevino Jacob Trevino he/him/his  Yes  Academic Advisor, University Advising Center, Student Academic Engagment and Success 
 DworakJennifer Jennifer Dworak -
 Jennifer_Gomez Jennifer Gomez she/her/hers
Yes Senior Financial Literacy Specialist, Bursar
  Jennifer Malone  she/her/hers  - Senior Academic Advisor, Cox
 JessicaMartinez Jessica Martinez -
Yes SMU Abroad Advisor
 Jessica_Wickersham Jessica Wickersham -
Yes Statistical Science, Visiting Lecturer
 Jill_Kelly Jill Kelly -
- Associate Professor and Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor (History)
 Joann_Arbery Joan Arbery - - WRTR/UHP Lecturer
  John Georges -
- Director and Diversity and Inclusion Officer (Dedman College)
 JosephKobylka Joseph Kobylka he/him/his  Chair, Department of Political Science
  Josephine Caldwell-Ryan -
- Director, Women's and Gender Studies Program
 JoshuaBeaty Joshua Beaty  he/him/his
Associate Director, University Advising Center 
 Karisa_Cloward  Karisa Cloward she/her/hers Associate Professor, Political Science; Director, Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute
 KathleenGaskins Kathleen Gaskins she/her/hers Education Abroad Coordinator
 KathyHart Kathy Hubbard -
- Assistant Dean, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
 KC_Mmeje K.C. Mmeje
Yes Vice President of Student Affairs 
 KelynRola Kelyn Rola she/her/hers
Research Professor, Caruth Institute for Engineering Education, Lyle School of Engineering
 KolinGoldschmidt Kolin Goldschmidt  he/him/his  Yes  Program Coordinator, Office of Student Success and Retention, Student Academic Engagement and Success 
Kristina_Nielsen Kristina Nielsen -
- Assistant Professor of Musicology
 Leong_LaiYee  LaiYee Leong -
- Political Science (Senior Fellow and Lecturer)
 Linda_Parker Linda Parker -
Yes Director, Hart Center for Engineering Leadership
 LuisRobles Luis Robles   he/him/his
Yes  Residential Community Director for Upper Division Housing, Residence Life and Student Housing
  Maira Meki -
Yes Cox - Associate Director of Specialized Master's Admissions
 Maria_DelPilar Maria del Pilar Melgarejo -
- Lecturer of Spanish
 MarkHand Mark Hand -
- Visiting Lecturer, Political Science 
 Mark_Kerins Mark Kerins he/him/his
- Professor, Film & Media Arts
 MattNadler Matt Nadler he/him/his  Assistant Director of Employer Relations, Hegi Family Career Development Center, Student Affairs
 Maxime_Foerster Maxime Foerster he/him/his
- Associate Professor (French)
 Misti_Compton Misti Compton -
Yes Director of Undergraduate Advising and Student Records, Lyle 
 Monnie_McGee Monnie McGee -
- Associate Professor of Statistical Science
 Noemi_VegaQuinones Noemi Vega Quiñones -
  Graduate Program in Religious Studies - Ph.D. Student in Ethics
 Olga_Colbert Olga Colbert she/her/hers
Yes  Associate Professor, Spanish, World Languages, Dedman College
 PengTao Peng Tao -
- Associate Professor, Chemistry; Director of Biophysical Sciences for Bachelor Degree, Dedman College
  Phillip Bax -
- English PhD Student and WRTR Instructor
 Pia_Vogel Pia Vogel
Yes Biological Sciences, Professor
 PrisnaVirasin Prisna Virasin  she/her/hers
Yes  Achievement Advisor 
 Ball_Phillips_Rachel Rachel Ball-Phillips -
Yes Lecturer, History; Dir. of Graduate Fellowships & Awards, Moody School
 Rita_Economos Rita Economos
Yes Earth Sciences, Assistant Professor
  Sarah Cartwright - - Learning Skills Specialist, Academic Skill Development
 Seth_Orsborn Seth Orsborn
- Director of Deason Innovation Gym
  Shanae Jefferies - Yes Lecturer of Sociology
 Sheri_Kunovich Sheri Kunovich
Yes Sociology, Associate Provost
  Shon Phillips -
Yes WRTR Lecturer/Writing Center Coordinator
 Sue_Bierman Sue Bierman she/her/hers - Executive Director of Student Academic Success Programs
 Susan_Norman Susan Norman -
Yes Writing and Reasoning/Hilltop Scholars-- Lecturer