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Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center

Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center

*Staff in the Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center (A-LEC) and the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) are available to by phone or email to answer any of your questions at this time.   


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Student Academic Success Programs (SASP) Services

Tutoring is available to all undergraduate students free of charge.

Tutoring is designed to complement and support students’ direct contact with professors, and therefore is NOT just for those who find themselves in academic trouble.  Tutoring services connect you with a knowledgeable person with whom you can discuss the course material, focus on a specific problem, or discuss how to study for a particular course.   Over one hundred tutors, mostly juniors, seniors, or graduate students, provide support for introductory, as well as advanced courses. 

No appointment is necessary.  Check the schedule for specific course coverage.

Work with a Learning Specialist  to develop a personal time management system, test prep strategy, or to improve reading comprehension and speed. 

Take the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) test to gain a sense of your individual strengths and weaknesses in areas such as motivation, information processing, and test preparation. 

Obtain and learn to employ organizational tools such as the “Semester-at-a-Glance", the “Time Awareness” routine scheduling grid, the process of “Anticipating and Planning for Courses”, and how to make a “Finals Preparation” battle plan.

Or, just come in to talk with our counselors to discuss your personal and academic development.  To request an appointment, visit

Full-time Faculty from the English and Discernment and Discourse programs are available for 30-minute tutorials in the Writing Center.  These professors will consult with students on essay assignments from any course, at any stage from developing an outline to reviewing a final draft.  Students may schedule appointments on-line through Canvas.

Students may also use drop-in Writing Center hours for questions that do not require a 30-minute consultation.

A Writing lab is available for students to work independently with a Writing Center faculty member available to answer questions.

ESL writers may take advantage of drop-in hours with an ESL specialist.

SMU students often find that they need focused attention on specific academic skills. Learning Strategies workshops offer this specialized support.  In one-hour sessions, students receive instruction in specific concepts and discover strategies for applying these principles to their own work. 

Whether you’re just beginning your university education or confronting the new challenges of an advanced curriculum, sessions on Time Management, Test Preparation, Note Taking, Anxiety Management, and more will help you make the grade.  Mastering these skills will make your academic experience more efficient and effective, and maximize the benefit of the university experience. 

No appointment necessary. Check here for a current schedule.

DASS is the primary contact for all SMU students with disabilities. This office assists students with disabilities to effectively utilize resources they may need and helps them work with professors and staff in obtaining appropriate and reasonable accommodations. DASS is dedicated to providing an equal opportunity to participate in the University's curriculum, programs, and activities.  Students with disabilities can also pursue services such as classroom accommodations and/or academic coaching (for LD/ADHD) through Disability Accommodations & Success Strategies, housed within the A-LEC.

The Student Athlete Academic Services team provides support to those gifted students who commit to representing our university in varsity athletics. SAAS team members provide academic counseling, support at orientation and enrollment, facilitate access to support resources, and consult with coaches, Faculty, advisors, and other university services to help student-athletes achieve academic success.

HDEV 1110, Reading and Learning Strategies: is a one-credit elective course that helps students build advanced reading and learning skills.  Students explore strategies for organization, time management, note taking, and study reading, as well as concentration, test preparation, and management of test anxiety.  Through focused instruction, students can improve reading comprehension, double to triple reading rate, and develop a personalized and strategic system of study.  

HDEV 1211, Success Strategies: This class is a two-credit, graded course designed to help students achieve greater success in their academic, professional, and personal lives through ongoing self-assessment and journal writing. HDEV 1211- Success Strategies fulfills the Oral Communication proficiency in the University Curriculum.