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Knowledge is power. Nowhere is that more apparent than in your professional career, where an advanced education provides you with the skills needed—and yes, the requisite credentials—to strengthen your resume, excel in your field and rapidly accelerate your success.

SMU Online now offers online master’s degrees in a wide variety of subjects including Data Science, Cybersecurity, Business Administration, Network Engineering and Computer Science with AI Specialization. These online master’s degrees can assist whether you’re looking to advance in your current career or make the switch to a dynamic field that’s teeming with opportunity and growth. SMU Online Master’s programs deliver highly interactive, classroom-like experiences, taught by industry-expert SMU professors using the most advanced educational technology. Conveniently earn your degree online from home, office or wherever you’re connected.

Online Master’s Degrees from SMU Online. We put the professional power of world-class learning in your hands, and getting started is just a click away.

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Master's in Data Science

An advanced degree in Data Science is highly marketable in this fast-growing field whose experts are sought after by industries worldwide.

Master's in Business Administration

With a curriculum grounded in experiential learning, SMU Cox Online MBA graduates will be equipped with skills such as complex problem solving, creativity, people management and critical thinking.

Master's in Computer Science with AI Specialization

Discover how to effectively implement artificial intelligence solutions.

Master's in Network Engineering

Always be ready to adapt, thanks to a foundational understanding of core network engineering principles.

Master's in Cybersecurity

Get in on one of the most dynamic, important fields in technology and position yourself for a career that’s as exciting as it is in demand.