Machine Learning Specialization

The Machine Learning Specialization is for students looking to build self-optimizing systems and provide solutions to problems or processes in any organization.

You should choose the Machine Learning Specialization if you’re interested in:

  • Pursuing highly technical careers.
  • Understanding the structure of data through the use of an iterative approach.
  • Utilizing advanced computational algorithms to build models that expand machine cognitive functions.
  • Advancing automation and pattern recognition.
  • Applying algorithms and models to solve complex problems.

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Business Analytics Specialization

The Business Analytics Specialization is for students looking to acquire the analytical tools required to synthesize qualitative data and effectively communicate results to key stakeholders to inform strategic decision-making.

You should choose the Busines Analytics Specialization if you’re interested in:

  • Managing information and high-level business strategy.
  • Interpreting and acting on results to meet business needs.
  • Effectively visualizing and communicating results to diverse stakeholders.
  • Translating technical analysis to qualitative action items.

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