Pony Express

  • PONY EXPRESS is a prepaid stored-value account available to all students.
  • The PONY EXPRESS account does not satisfy the mandatory meal plan requirement.
  • Additional amounts other than the ones listed below may be purchased on-line at http://idcard.smu.edu
  • PONY EXPRESS account holders may present their SMU ID card in lieu of cash to make purchases throughout campus and at selected off-campus merchants.
  • PONY EXPRESS accounts are honored at all dining facilities on campus at individual meal plan rates.
  • PONY EXPRESS accounts may be canceled on or before the payment due date. After this time, accounts may not be canceled unless a student graduates or withdraws from school.
  • PONY EXPRESS balances of less than $25 will not be refunded, and any remaining balance will be forfeited to the University.
  • Points will be carried over from term to term until a student graduates.
  • Any credit remaining on the PONY EXPRESS account at the point of graduation will be refunded to the student after all debt to the University has been paid.
  • PONY EXPRESS accounts with no posted activity over a 12-month period will be closed, and any remaining balance will be forfeited to the University.
  • Students can inactivate their SMU ID card by logging into the ID website:  http://idcard.smu.edu. Once the SMU ID card is reported lost it will be cancelled immediately.  A new ID card may be ordered on line. A $30.00 fee will be charged for each replacement ID card.

PONY EXPRESS Options at Enrollment

Plan A (PE 200)


Plan B (PE 400)


Plan C (PE 600)


Plan D (PE 800)


Plan E (PE 1000)