Xinlei Wang


Statistical Science

Ph.D., Decision Science & Statistics, University of Texas at Austin, 2002

M.A., Statistics, University of Pittsburg, 1998

B.S., Automatic Control, University of Science and Technology of China, 1997
Heroy 104
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Research/Teaching Interests

Bayesian Methodologies, Judgement Post Stratification, Micro-Array Data Analysis

Selected Publications

  • Wang, X., J. Lim, and S. L. Stokes (2006). "Forming post-strata via Bayesian treed capture-recapture models". Biometrika 93(4), 861–876.
  • Wang, X., L. Stokes, J. Lim, and M. Chen (2006). "Concomitants of multivariate order statistics with application to judgment post-stratification". Journal of the American Statistical Association 101(476).
  • Wang, X. and E. I. George (2007). "Adaptive Bayesian criteria in variable selection for generalized linear models". Statistica Sinica 17(2), 667.
  • Wang, X., J. Lim, and L. Stokes (2008). "A nonparametric mean estimator for judgment post-stratified data". Biometrics 64(2), 355–363. 
  • Xie, Y., X. Wang, and M. Story (2009). "Statistical methods of background correction for Illumina BeadArray data". Bioinformatics 25(6), 751–757.
  • Xiao, G., X. Wang, and A. B. Khodursky (2011). "Modeling three-dimensional chromosome structures using gene expression data". Journal of the American Statistical Association 106(493). 
  • Wang, X., K. Wang, and J. Lim (2012). "Isotonized CDF estimation from judgment poststratification data with empty strata". Biometrics 68(1), 194–202.
  • Wang, X., M. Zang, and G. Xiao (2013). "Epigenetic change detection and pattern recognition via Bayesian hierarchical hidden Markov models".  Statistics in Medicine 32(13), 2292–2307.