Dennis A. Foster

Professor, Daisy Dean Frensley Chair in English Literature


Ph.D., University of California at Irvine
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Research/Teaching Interests

Contemporary Fiction, Critical Theory

Selected Publications

  • Perversion and the Social Relation , Duke University Press
  • "J. G. Ballard's Empire of the Senses," PMLA (May 1993): 519-532
  • "The Embroidered Sin: Confessional Evasion in The Scarlet Letter," Criticism 25 (1983): 141-163
  • "The Ambiguity of Perverse Analysis," with Molly Rothenberg introduction to Perversion and the Social Relation, Duke University Press
  • "Interpretation and Betrayal: Talking with Authority," Reclaiming Pedagogy, Southern Illinois UP
  • "Alphabetic Pleasures: The Names," The South Atlantic Quarterly, 89 (1990): 395-411
  • "Maisie Supposed to Know: An Amo(u)ral Analysis,"  The Henry James Review (1984): 207-215.
  • Confession and Complicity in Narrative , Cambridge University Press
  • "All Here Is Sin: The Obligation in The Unnamable," Boundary 2 (1983):81-100 "Fatal West: W.S. Burroughs's Perverse
  • Destiny" in Perversion and the Social Relation, Duke University Press, Duke University Press
  • "Re-Poe Man: A Problem of Pleasure," Arizona Quarterly 46.4 (1990): 1-26
  • "The little children can be bitten': A Hunger for Dracula"  in Bedford critical edition of Dracula, Gale