Jing Cao

Associate Professor

Statistical Science

Ph.D., University of Missouri, Columbia
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Research/Teaching Interests

Bayesian, Spatial Temporal Models, Epidemiology, Bayesian Applications, Bayesian Hierarchical Models, Bayesian Survival Analysis, Item Response Theory, Current Research Activities, Model Selection, Generalized Linear Models

Selected Publications

  • "A Bayesian approach to ranking and rater evaluation: an application to grant reviews (2010). Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 35, 194-214 (with Stokes and Zhang)
  • "Evaluation of wine judge performance through three characteristics: bias, discrimination, and variation" (2010). Journal of Wine Economics, 5(2), 132-142 (with Stokes).
  •  "Measuring statistical significance for full Bayesian methods in microarray analysis" (2010). Bayesian Analysis, 5, 413-428 (with Zhang).
  • "Procedure volume as a predictor of surgical outcomes.  Journal of the American Medical Association, 304, 95-97 (with Livingston).
  • "Calculating sample size in trials using historical controls (2010). Clinical Trials, 7, 343-353 (with Zhang and Ahn).
  • "Tread carefully with stepwise regression" (2010). Archives of Surgery, 145, 1039-1040 (with Livinston and Dimick).
  • "Unbiased FDR for full Bayesian methods in microarray analysis" (2010). Twenty Seventy Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference Proceedings, 5:2.