Dedman Edge

Dedman Edge

Employers want THREE things...

1. Graduates with a sound liberal arts education.

Competency in critical thinking and problem solving; written and oral communication; research; and interpersonal effectiveness, including the ability to work in teams, with diverse groups of individuals, and to lead others effectively.


2. Technological skills.

Adding one of several kinds of technical skills to your liberal arts major can open up more job opportunities and help you to start your career after graduation more quickly, and at a higher salary. Business, Computer Programing, Data Analysis and Management, Graphic Design, IT Networking and Support, Marketing, Sales and Social Media skills are valued by employers. You can gain these kinds of skills in college in a variety of ways.


3. Internships.

Adding at least one, preferably two internships to your resume will help boost employer interest and improve your odds when searching for a job opportunity.


You have the liberal arts foundation. 

Add one or more of the following skills and give yourself a competitive edge.

Computer Programming

Data Analysis and Management

General Business

Graphic Design

IT Networking and Support



Social Media


Chart your Dedman Edge skills

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