Conference on Women, Men, and the Professions

Women’s and Gender Studies and Dedman College are pleased to announce a symposium titled “Women, Men, and Professional Work in the 21st Century,” to be held on March 26, 2011 from 9-4:30 in McCord Auditorium. Recognizing that more women have been graduating from college than men since 1982 (currently by a ratio of 3 to 2), the symposium will explore a number of key issues, including:

• How the influx of women into fields formerly dominated by men is affecting both women and men, and whether it is affecting the fields themselves
• How the workplace is changing to reflect the changing social reality
• What kinds of pressures this social change has placed on families, and on the “family” as an institution

In addition to the two keynote speakers, Mary Frank Fox (Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Public Policy) and Jerry Jacobs (University of Pennsylvania, Sociology), several panels composed of Dedman faculty and speakers from the local community will address the issues from their perspectives.

All Dedman faculty, staff, and students are invited to the symposium. A free lunch will be provided for those who register by March 18. For more information and to register please go the website